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Promotion clip for our upcomming album "Images" in 2024

Promotion clip of our upcomming album "Images" in 2024

The Shaman

From the upcomming Album "DUNE"

Here you hear a sample of our 'Veil' journey.
Live recorded on July/30/Cologne/Germany.

Princess Of Ice is a fine 'Berlin School' trackof an upcomming album.

Please enjoy the remastered version of 'Return Of Zelda'. Hope that you will watch TVP live soon on stage or on stream. #zelda #thevoyagerproject #voyagerproject

One of our videos is a top twenty electronic music video in 2020

It was a time and a place where the 'Berlin School' started.

These original recordings of divided Berlin reflect the mood

of that time with the music. The cold war period nevertheless

enabled the emergence of unique music styles in the divided Germany.
Available on "Turn Of An Unexpected Way" at our shop and all major online stores

The Bionical 2020 is also a small impression from the past shift to now.

This is a live recorded not edited live audio track, called 'The Beginning' with Thomas C. Brueck & Ulrich Putsch (UlliP), mixed by Benedict M. Wynekent. Live at Pest Project.
The interspersed film sequences are part of the animation to the concert. 2015

Trailer for live tour 'TVP on the floor' 2016, supported by Tommy Betzler / drums (formerly Joe Cocker, Neu, Peacock), UliP / percussion (formerly Fehlfarben), Margarita Nagel (amazing dancer from Nice).