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The Voyager Project: the project that has existed since the mid-1980s and was initiated and developed by the Cologne electronic musician Thomas C. Brueck and deals with, produces and distributes electronic music

The Voyager Project produces electronic music based on the classical principle for this music, better known under the terms 'Berlin' or 'Düsseldorf' school with extensive sequencer lines and melodies.

Over time, a very unique style developed in the electronic music stronghold of Cologne and, thanks to Cologne's favorable geomusical location in the European context, a wide variety of elements of electronic music can be found.A sign of the scope and creativity of the project, always starting from a musical basis.

On the way to reaching people and their feelings.The music can sometimes be experimental, 'classical', danceable, or in the area of film and television production. One can say that at least every production follows a different theme and always implements new ideas

The Voyager Project consists of different members depending on the performance or production and also uses analog instruments that are more common in an orchestral environment.

by CUE records

Someone to someone else: Why do you like The Voyager Project so much?

Someone else: just listen.

Many people claim that The Voyager Project developed the music of the Berlin School further. Since this is also said at the University of Munich and his music is used for the purpose of studying, you can believe this.

Means, somedifferend styles are mixed to a special one, cause it's a voyage of sound, rhythm and feeling.


Thomas C. Brueck